Shoptomydoor Refund Policy Done In 24 Hours

Tunde Adeniran Ogunjobi shipped goods worth $1,500. His plan was to sell and make profits worth $480. Especially since the products he bought were on very high demand in the market. He searched online for various logistics companies and selected based on affordability, without checking if they are professional. Neither was refund policy on his mind. Yes cheap was the watch word, but he learnt a bitter experience too soon. He didn’t consider the consequences of using a shipping company that has no refund policy.

Cheap doesn’t not mean the best, but that does not mean expensive gives you the best anyway. Tunde received his items but 63% of them were poorly handled and packaged, leading to damages.  Undoubtedly, with good cushioning and proper packaging the damages could have been minimized. You can’t but imagine his pain. A young small aspiring entrepreneur with so much loss. Without any refund policy, he never got compensated for his loss.

Just like Tunde if you are not satisfied with a service you expect a refund policy like ours that protect customers. Unfortunately many don’t get compensated. While others are treated unfairly even if they are refunded.

You can read about our refund policy here.

What Makes Shoptomydoor Refund Policy Different?

For those who have been a Shoptomydoor customer, they know what our refund policy entails. Ours is a full refund of the amount spent on product and shipping cost paid for. This applies when you goods or shipment is damaged, broken or missing. In the past 6 months we have received calls and emails from lots of potential customers asking how fast our refund is. So we decided to make it faster. 

100% Refund in 24 Hours

We decided to improve on our refund policy to make it faster and better. It covers you fully not just a $10 or $100 token with reserved apologies. Just like you might have experienced with some shippers. A refund policy that gives you peace of mind. Without much be said, Shoptomydoor is putting you first!

Claiming Your 100% Refund If Anything Happens To Your Shipment

Once your package is delivered to our warehouse, we ensure we package your goods well enough for you to receive it in the condition we received it from any online store. However, if you get a package and anything is wrong with it:

  • Call us immediately to register your complaint.
  • An investigation will be carried out immediately.
  • Provide us proof via email
  • You will be refunded in 24 hours once investigation is duly completed.

How Often Do Items Get Damaged and Need Refund in 24 Hours?

Now there are just a few cases where such a situation happens beyond our control, approximately 1% of huge volume of our shipment in a very long time, yeah, it’s quite irregular and can easily be ignored. After all, we have put in adequate measures to ensure items are delivered stress-free:

  • Training and retraining our warehouse personnel
  • Using the best equipment and tools
  • Packaging with safety materials that will minimize or avoid damages while in transit.
  • Crating fragile items such as Televisions, Mirror or other glassware.
  • Using thicker, stronger, doubled boxes.
  • Shrinking, bubble wrapping and cushioning items before packaging for ship out.

Notwithstanding, your maximum satisfaction is our utmost priority. Hence if there is an issue with your package you can be rest assured we will refund you in full within 24 hours.

Does 100% Refund Policy Include Small Businesses

The world is becoming a smaller place and you can buy from US without travelling. Good news too! You can sell to anyone from where you are. Today we have businesses springing everyday on Instagram and you can start too. Our 100% refund policy isn’t just for individual shoppers. Items like clothes, human hair which is now a very lucrative business, wigs, shoes, jewelry, phone accessories and lots more.

By the way if you are looking to start a lucrative business such as fashion clothes, shoes, handbags, electronics, baby toys, hair, and many more you can contact us for a guide. It’s FREE and you can consolidate to save more money!

So, what’s in it for you when you register to shop and ship using our air freight or ocean freight?

  • Affordable, fast and stress-free delivery of anything from any online store in the USA.
  • We save you 50 to 75% on shipping cost compared the popular major shippers.
  • Refund in 24 hours if anything happens to your shipment.
  • You have 14 days free storage and smart consolidation.
  • Our customers can buy from one or multiple online stores.
  • All your shopping will be delivered as just one package.
  • Free insurance – Shoptomydoor insures every item.
  • We deliver in 8 days or you get 25% of your shipping cost back.

What’s the Guarantee I will Get Your Refund Policy in 100% in 24 Hours?

Our warehousing system allows us to monitor every shipment we receive. We have shipped well over 4,000,000 items to over 200,000 customers with an accuracy of over 99.999%. To achieve this high accuracy, Shoptomydoor has:

  1. A unique warehouse addressing system that assigns each customer a unique warehouse identifier. This unit number identifies you and your destination country and can be used to track every single item you are shipping both online and physically in our warehouse.
  2. As items come in, it is immediately inventoried and uploaded into your warehouse with accuracy. You are alerted and have the option to verify all items been shipped are correct.
  3. Secured sealing tapes on all shoptomydoor boxes ensures that you will easily know if any box has been tampered with while in transit.
  4. Our secured delivery method ensures that items are moved in crated and secured boxes from one location to another, reducing the possibility of tampering to almost zero.
  5. Physical and online verification is done in our partner locations where applicable to ensure that nothing was tampered with while in transit.

Let me know in your comments if you found this post useful. Click here to read about our policy in details.

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13 Responses

  1. Eniye says:

    The only shipping company I can entrust my goods with

  2. Very interesting story

  3. joy orji says:

    shoptomydoor is very real and genuine

  4. Uka Mary-Ann Oluchi says:

    I’ve learnt about the refund policy through shoptomydoor. Having 💯% refund policy builds that trust and assurance to know that no matter how fragile or delicate my goods can be,it can be delivered safe to me and compensated if need be. I’ll spread the good news about your good deeds. Thank you.

  5. Adesola Hakeem says:

    The problem most people have in this country is a failure to register with a reputable company who gives value to their products and services rather they choose those who have no guarantee of any return policy and lost woefully. After the massive loss, this is when we sit and think what exactly wrong in the business! I love the refund policy package by shoptomydoor because you are one of its kind! Treating entrepreneurs like your business.. Wow that’s excellent and exceptional. Why would I consider any other delivery companies in the future if not shoptomydoor? Honestly, I love your work and excellent service rendered to your customers.

  6. While I should use ur policy is because is a very good shipping company which has a very good covered. In using your shoptomydoor the advantage is superceed the disadvantage, you could believe with me that their shoptomydoor insurance covered is the best among other shipping company.

  7. Idris Tolulope John says:

    I so much love this refund policy. It will surely bring customers and it will make people to patronize you the more.

  8. Sunday Abraham says:

    My question is I like the %100 refund in 24 hrs would this not make shipping more expensive,,, are there no hidden terms and conditions that may not have been properly explained in your terms and conditions?

  9. patrick says:

    hello am expecting a good in my UK warehouse soon, pls kindly email me the provedures on how to go about the shippings

  10. Pearl Nnenna says:

    Amazingly great policy and this line really got my attention… “Cheap doesn’t mean the best, but that does not mean expensive gives you the best anyway”

  11. Harachi says:

    Yes, shoptomydoor is reliable but very very expensive in fact am even thinking of canceling my account with them. To be honest I cry every time I have something with them. It doesn’t really worth it.

  12. Me says:

    But what happens if your products get lost in transit

    • Good question there… it’s risky, actually very risky to ship goods without insurance coverage.
      Fortunately, we are giving you FREE INSURANCE, zero Naira when you are shipping to Nigeria with Shoptomydoor.

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