Cheap Clothes Are Too Expensive! Go For Quality

Expensive Doesn't Mean Quality and Cheap Doesn't Mean Low Quality

Expensive doesn’t mean quality and cheap doesn’t mean low quality

Quality clothes last for a longer time, and that most times are for such a very long time that we forget the money spent on getting them, talking about comfort, with quality you get that a 100% and yes you look and feel so good every time you wear them – giving you the best “swag”.

For every time you consider shopping, there are two big factors: Quality and Price.

You must have heard the good old saying: “Penny wise; Pound foolish”, now being pennywise doesn’t just mean saving money – It means spending your money wisely. While some things may be cheap now, they could actually cost you more in the long run, so it makes sense to spend more now for a better, longer-lasting experience. We all come in different  body shapes and sizes, yet a lot of cheap clothing is mass produced in a ‘one-shape-fits-all’.

Here are a few items you must really think twice before buying:

Bags, Wallet, Shoe and Luggage.

These are everyday needs you trust and depend on to go about each day’s activities. Sure, to some extent they’re commodities, you can always find an option, but buying a quality is better and will save you from spending more money on same item in a long time, it doesn’t just mean that you’ll have a dependable, reliable accessory. It simply helps you spend less in the long run by not having to replace these items shortly after buying them after they’ve worn out.

Suit, Shirts, Dresses, Blouses, Trousers and Skirts.

Whether we like it or not, clothing is also a part of our identity. Your clothes can emphasize social status, as well as a certain level of professionalism. If you’re trying to land a job or network with colleagues, then your only choice is Quality.

Avoid Impulse Shopping: Spending $20 every time doesn’t feel like much when it happens, but it can add up fast. You could spend more in a year on clothing that way, and possibly end up with a bunch of stuff you’ll never actually wear.  So plan your shopping, could be monthly, bi-monthly, every 3- 6 months or yearly.

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