Providing digital inter-phase for customers to access products.

bloog post postTake a moment to think about the interface you’re reading this right now. It’s digital interface. Imagine how much resource it will cost to do this in the traditional way by going to the printing press to publish before it can get to your hands. Imagine this!!!

  • Microsoft started by selling computer software and not the hardware. They made killing profits, dominated the computer industry and before people knew what was going on; Bill Gates was already the Richest Man in the world.
  • Apple moved a step further in the virtual asset trend by going ahead to create the ITunes, an interface for musicians to distribute and sell their works to music lovers.  Now apple has no music studio or produces any music but they are making huge profits from helping musicians sell their works. Not only that, they also created app store where programmers distribute or sell iOS apps. (Source from google).

This trend is what has played into present day’s digital economy.  As you can see a lot of other digital technologies come up every day, creating easy access for products and services for online buying and selling across the globe stress-free.

Isn’t this Interesting?

These companies don’t handle or exchange any physical product with customers but they are making a killing profits and also making life comfortable for us, they are not bothered about the falling price of crude oil, their only major cost is the cost of these computer networks. e.g, here you can get all kinds of stuff like fashion, home appliances and gadgets.
amazon co  amazonnn

Today you can sit at the comfort of your home and shop whatever you want from any location and have it delivered right at your doorstep using this devices. There is no limit to what you can get or how far you can go as you can travel around the world with just a click of your mouse.
Hurry now, tap in to trends, buy and sell to make millions and live on your own terms without a boss.


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