Get Up 80% Savings from USA Labor Day Sale


A Labor Day shopping plan might not be your highest priority, but if you want to emerge from the weekend with your cart overflowing with new products and wallet still full, then we recommend you make this a plan right away.

Big sale events, like Labor Day, are a good opportunity to splurge on expensive products without having to pay full price. Over time we have seen so many designer stores slashing their prices by half and some crazy discounts up to 80% on lots of items: fashion, electronics, toys and gadgets all inclusive.

This year, it’s starting earlier on some stores, giving you up to 50% off the entire store. Fashion, electronics, kitchen utensils, laptops, mobile phones, toys and back-to-school items will see massive drop in prices.

Now here a few trick to shop smart this sale:

  • Follow sale: Yea… sign up to receive newsletters from USA online stores.
  • Coupons: In case you have forgotten, you can save up a lot buying all items with coupon codes.
  • Check the prices: We love it when you save while shopping and will always advice that you check other retail prices to be sure you are getting the best deal.

Now, we are sure that our savvy, classy and trend setters are excite to have just another great opportunity to step their game. But, if you gave not registered on, you are limited to shopping high priced items locally. Why not join us now to enjoy stress free shopping and shipping this holiday.

Hey… don’t leave your friends out of this amazing opportunity; invite them to have a taste of affordable luxury with Shoptomydoor.

Nothing feels as goods as freebies… expect offers like BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free! from thousands of online stores in USA.

Sign up now on if you haven’t registered.

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