Fast Shipping from USA to Nigeria: 2 -3 Days Transit Now Available

Fast Shipping From USA to Nigeria

You asked for fast shipping from USA to Nigeria, and now you have it. Last week we announced a partnership with one of the major airlines through one of our newsletters.

We can confidently state that all forms of delivery delays we have experienced in the past few weeks is over. Our new improved fast shipping from USA to Nigeria has been tested and it is trusted.

Whether you are shopping for personal use or business needs, we got you covered. With more businesses in Nigeria using Shoptomydoor, we owe it to you to improve the quality of our shipping services.

Our goal to provide fast shipping from USA to Nigeria and this we have achieved. So, you can say good bye to the delays you might have experienced.

Our new fast air shipping from USA to Nigeria allows 2 to 3 days transit time. That is the best you can get and we are delivering it.

Shoptomydoor Ship-Out Schedules

First Weekly Shipping

  • The cut off for this will be 3 pm Nigerian Time on Wednesday.
  • Shipment leaves on Thursday and expected in Nigeria by Monday, giving you an effective transit time of 2 business days.
  • Clearing and other formalities will ensure items are available for pick-up by Tuesday/Wednesday in our Lagos office.

Second Weekly Shipping

  • The cut off for this will be 3 pm Nigerian Time on Friday
  • Shipment will be in Nigeria on Tuesday/Wednesday with an effective transit time of 2 business days.
  • Clearing and other local processes will have this available for pick up at the Lagos office on Thursday/Friday.

For those of you reading this and are yet to join Shoptomydoor fast shipping service from USA to Nigeria, visit our page to register or click here. Sign up is free and don’t forget you get immediately free US and UK addresses with 21 days free storage

Benefits of Using Shoptomydoor’s Fast Shipping From USA to Nigeria

Shoptomydoor provides you with a solution that saves you thousands on minimum costs.

  • As usual, you continue to enjoy no convenience or processing fee to use the Shoptomydoor platform
  • You save up to 80% on thousands Naira spent on multiple purchases.
  • Continue to enjoy our combine & save (consolidation) service that allows you shop from multiple stores and to ship all as one. 

In addition to a faster delivery, we are releasing a brand new website and easy to use mobile apps on the 1st of November to make the Shoptomydoor experience a great one.

Fast Shipping From USA to Nigeria

New Offer/Services:

At Shoptomydoor, we work tirelessly to ensure you have a good experience and our key focus is to empower Nigerians in business through our import and export. Recently, we launched our export services and you can sell your Nigeria made products now on Amazon and/or ebay.

Above all, our fast shipping from USA to Nigeria will help importers, whether large or mini importers increase profits and save time.

Report From First Week’s Trial

For the second batch we shipped from USA on Friday 19th of October we are excited to announce they arrived Nigeria in just 2 days. That was on Monday the 21st of October.

This is in contrast to your previous shipping experience, this is faster than you expect, right? This fast delivery allows 2 extra days for clearing and delivery. Consequently, this means that we have now achieved just 3 business days delivery for last week.

Certainly, this is a more expensive service, but we have decided to absorb the extra cost to compensate you because of delays some of you experienced few weeks back.

To all our existing customers, we say thank you for sticking us. We look forward to serving you better going forward.

New Customers Alert: Do you want to start shopping from USA? Click here to register free.

Door to Door Delivery

You are probably wondering if we can delivery to other locations outside Lagos?

Yes we can, we have customers across the 36 states of Nigeria, including the FCT, Abuja and we deliver to their door step.

If you found this content useful or have any question please drop a comment.

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  1. uzor onwusa says:

    Nice move.however I implore you guys to improve on the way you update people’s warehouse with details of their must be done accurately in order to prevent the need for reweighing and unexpected changes in shipping fees since you have stated on your site that quotes earlier seen after the
    trial shipping fee calculation is final and will not change.

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