Fashion Must-Have for the Rainy Days – Stay Chic

Trendy Styles for Rainy Season

Trendy Styles for Rainy Season

Rainy Season comes upon us and dominates our days, so the best part for many of us might be staying indoors beneath a warm blanket, tucked in bed with a cup of tea and a good movie, but you’ll agree that’s a day dream since we have to carry out our daily responsibilities.

Now, just because it’s wet out there does not give us the excuse to walk out of the house rumpled. Perhaps there’s really nothing we can do about the weather, but there’s a lot we can do to stay stylish during the rainy season, there are stylish outfits, accessories and footwears that are suitable for the season.

Dressing up for Work or Events?

Go for the long sleeved shirts and sweater vests or blazers. Pair them with pants or a maxi skirt. Finish the look with wedges or simple closed-toe shoes. Luckily, wedges are never out of fashion and they give you a good balance just as they keep your feet warm and away from the wet floor.

Fashion Pieces that Keeps You Trendy

  • Blazers and trendy jackets are the way to go during this season. One can pair them with denim in trousers or skirts and they are stylish but keep you warm.
  • Mid-leg skirts and fitting sweater is a chic look for anyone, but only go for bright colours to avoid looking as dull as the day. You don’t want anyone asking if you are ill, do you?
  • Waterproof handbags/wallets is absolutely the best choice as you don’t want your bag and its content drenched in rain, ensure your bag as a zipper too. You can see these on popular stores like or
  • Wedges/Jelly flip flops are the perfect footwears for the season. Trust me you are better off on a wedge that’s just a little high above the ground, but preferably you might go for jelly flip flops or sandals to avoid running your shoes. Also trending are the jelly sandals, which comes in various styles you can’t resist. Check these out:
  • Turtle necks tops are timeless fashion clothes that suits anything you pair them with, whether it is a jean or skirt, every penny spent on this is worth it as you get double value for your money – keeps you warm and gives you style.
  • Braids are quite economical, so you worry less about changing your hair when the rain comes down on you. If you cannot sit for braids, simply go for the wig braids, they are just as good as walking out of the saloon with a fresh look. Check stores like for super discounts.

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