Easy Steps Shipping To Nigeria From USA Online Stores

Easy Steps Shipping To Nigeria From USA Online Stores

Easy Steps Shipping To Nigeria From USA Online Stores

This blog post is written to take you through easy steps shipping to Nigeria from USA Online Stores.

Every time you see that amazing discount, price crash, 80% savings online you get super excited. You try to shop sometimes, but then the online store does not allow shipping to Nigeria. Very disappointing, right?

You are not alone, there are lot of people going through and we are glad to announce that we have a solution. Read on to see easy steps shipping to Nigeria from USA Online Stores and enjoy stress-free shipping to Nigeria.

Shoptomydoor Platform and the Easy Steps Shipping to Nigeria from USA Online Stores.

The need to get quality products and designers like Micheal Kors, Gucci, Fendi, Versace products or the latest gadgets, phones and many more gets higher. The only thing holding a lot of you back is either the price or the means to ship those items to your door. Yeah…. it can be an herculean task asking a friend to help you buy or bring items back to Nigeria. It’s either the item was forgotten, lost or the bag weight was exceeded.

Buying them locally can be overwhelming as a piece can be as high as N75,000 or more depending on the product.

Sometimes, you could end up buying the imitation or fake from desperate local vendors.

Three Easy Steps Shipping to Nigeria from USA Online Stores

  1. Choose Quality Over Price: No one deserve less than original. As you know, ” looking good is good business”. The goal is never to be caught unfresh and only the original brands can give you that. Be wise, spend less to have the best.
  2. Get a USA Address: Products are typically cheaper in the USA, and of course quality is not compromised. You are probably thinking, but I live in Nigeria, how do I get a USA address to shop? Shoptomydoor has designed a platform that works to give you free addresses, two in USA (Houston & Atlanta) and UK.
  3. Select and Shop from over 80,000 Online Stores: Yes! Now you can shop till you drop… imagine you shopping like you live in the US. Amazing right?Simply use that address we have given you to shop from these stores and enjoy peace of mind.

Stores like Amazon, that have everything you need, from fashion items to electronics, to food, edible up to toys, equipment or even home and outdoor products.

The USA and UK address is something you get free when you are a registered user on Shoptomydoor unlike other online platforms. You also enjoy loads of benefits, including free insurance with Consolidated Hallmark.

With Shoptomydoor you can get that stylish dress, suit, jeans and others from the store of your choice. It’s simple, follow this process:

  • Click on Join Now tab.
  • Fill in the required details to proceed; your name, email, phone number etc.
  • Shortly after, you will get a mail to verify your email using the code we send to your inbox.
  • Once done you will be given your free USA address with a unique number (unit number).
  • Then proceed to update your delivery address, that is where we will deliver all that you buy.

There are no limits…

Now here is the most interesting part, you are not limited to how much and how many products you can buy once you have your own US address, in fact you can shop until you drop. Here’s a short guide to run you through on how to proceed with your international online shopping:

  • Create an account on the store you will like to shop and use the assigned US address we gave you as you shipping address. For example, Amazon.
  • At any time you can login to the using your email and password to shop.
  • You can search for the product or item you want using the search tab.
  • Select the item once it pops up on your screen, choose size, color or quantity and add to cart.
  • Go to check out to make payment using your VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.
  • Once this has been done, package will be shipped out with a tracking number communicated to you via email.

Door to Door Delivery

Now you are one step closer to receiving all your purchases from USA. Shoptomydoor delivers to your door to make your experience when shipping to Nigeria fast, easy and convenient. Here is how we handle your international shopping and shipping:

  • Packages are received in our warehouse from the courier company.
  • We update the product/item into your warehouse and notify you via email and SMS.
  • You can log in to your warehouse and verify that all items purchased have been updated.
  • Proceed to check out and make payment for items to be shipped out.
  • After payment has been processed, items are consolidated into one box and shipped out to be delivered to your door step within 5 to 8 business days.

Now isn’t that so easy to shop your favorite brands or quality products you can trust from USA?  Shoptomydoor has successfully delivered well over 3, 000, 000 items from stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, CharlotteRusse and many more online store you will love. For this reason our customer love us for our ability to:

  • Weekly shipping via air and ocean shipping: Air shipping is typically within 5 to 8 days while ocean takes 6 to 8 weeks.
  • 75% saving using consolidation – Compare the cost of shipping each item you buy or using other major shippers and you will see how much we save you when shipping everything you buy from USA as one shipment.
  • 24/Tracking – Now when you need peace of mind you need to know at every point in time where your items are and so you can do that right on www.shoptomydoor.com using your order ID.
  • Constant Notification – Nothings assures you our guaranteed delivery, whether you are shipping from USA to Nigeria or USA to Ghana and Kenya, we will keep you informed until your item is delivered to you.
  • 100% Refund Policy – You our customer is our top priority and your satisfaction is our goal – but if anything happens to your shipment while in transit be rest assured our refund policy will take care of you. This covers the cost of items as declared and the shipping cost.

What if your card is not accepted by some online stores?

Relax, we have a solution a lot of people love, it simply takes the stress off you! Use our ShopForMe Service and we will deliver to your door. See we make your lifestyle affordable without stress. So say good bye to the hassles you used to know shopping or shipping, enjoy shopping without worrying over the size or volume you need. Here is how to use this service:

  • Log in to www.shoptomydoor.com and click on ShopForMe.
  • Put in the information of what you want to purchase.
  • Pay us using your VISA or MasterCard.
  • We buy, ship and deliver.

Let’s know if this guide was helpful in the comment section.

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