A New Way To Ship


F n S OfferWe know you are on a budget and knowing your shipping cost before shopping is important to you. Now’ we’ve got a solution. It’s our new Fill and Ship, this solution allows you to:

  • Know your shipping cost before shopping from online stores in USA, UK & China.
  • Compare shipping cost for various items in over 18 sizes of shipping boxes.
  • Select a box, pay and see how items are loaded into your box.

Now here is the best part: you can get refunded for unused space in your box and use the money at any other time. To get started:

  • Simply log into your warehouse and select fill and ship.
  • Select your preferred box size (We’ve got options from small to big).
  • Now select the category of item, for example ‘fashion, then choose the sub category: dress, eyeglass, wristwatch, bag etc.
  • Select the quantity you are buying.
  • Don’t forget to put the price of each item. Ensure you put in the right value as this will affect your insurance if anything happens to your shipment.
  • If your box still has space you can add more otherwise you simply go ahead to pay to ship via air or sea.

It’s so easy, right? Now go ahead shop the best this season and get $10 off your first fill and ship box this Cyber Monday.

Not to worry if your box is full and still need to buy more items. You are allowed to add more to an already full box, when receive we will repackage into a perfect box for shipping. Plus you have 21 days free storage! That’s enough time to shop from one or multiple stores and we’ll deliver to your door.

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