FRAUD ALERT: Common Online Fraud You Should Know

Online Fraud

Actually, we all would like to believe that the internet is safe.  However, a good reminder is required to keep you safe from online fraud and the wrath of the law.

Remember anyone can fall victim. So, we care about you and will be sharing updates to protect you.

As an ecommerce logistics company there are so many responsibilities we joggle between, one is preventing and prosecuting fraud. Abandoning this will be costly for us and online retailers, so we can’t neglect it. We advise you stop using people you may not know to help you shop from USA and UK online stores. If you are in doubt, use our personal shopper service. Unfortunately, there are so many victims of online fraud, as long as you are the receiver you will face the wrath of the law.

A recent research reveals that over 1500 cards are stolen regularly and used for shopping from online stores. With the amount stolen rising to $16.8 billion, according to the Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2018 Identity Fraud Survey.

Although, card merchants can identify and stop fraud, any fraudulent charge that slips from their fingers and make its way through our website or service becomes our responsibility to stop.

At Shoptomydoor, we cannot miss this. Once a seller gets a charge back, they know its a scam, and we immediately return purchases to sellers. Working with the EFCC and Nigerian Police we arrest anyone found in the act.

Five Common Types of Online Fraud

  • The Classic Fraud: Typically committed by unsophisticated fraudsters who purchase stolen credit card credentials on dark web. They use the cards to buy goods, send to shippers in an attempt to retrieve a stolen product.
  • Account Take Over: This online fraud occurs when a fraudster has access to a legitimate account and take advantage. They do this using their log in details, log in to use stored card to shop from online stores.
  • The Triangulated Fraud: This type of online fraud is done by three parties: the fraudster, the unsuspecting shopper and the ecommerce store. An online storefront is created by the fraudster, offering high-demand goods at extremely low prices. The store collects payment for the goods it sells then the fraudster uses other stolen credit card data and the names collected in orders on his online storefront to purchase goods from a legitimate website. Then ship them to customers who bought items on his new online fraud store.
  • Fraud Via Identity Theft: Here the fraudster assumes a person’s identity, creates credit cards in the victim’s name and goes on a shopping spree.
  • Card Testing Fraud: This is the practice of testing the validity of a credit card number, with plans to use valid credentials at another website to commit fraud. They just need to find the expiration date. This type transaction attempts happen quickly, in rapid succession.

Shoptomydoor Has Zero Tolerance for Online Fraud

We have a zero tolerance to fraud and will not pardon any one found guilty by law. Working with the Nigerian Police Force & Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, we will provide all information needed to effect arrest of anyone found to have committed internet fraud through our platform. Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, you will be arrested and moved to the force office in Lagos.

As a policy, we do not ship any item or product that was stolen via a fraudulent purchase from anyone. So far, we have redirected tens of shipments back to their Sellers and store of purchase.

Items from bought from Walmart, Apple, Verizon Wireless, Fossil, Ardyss International, Blackberry Phones from Cricket Wireless. Typically, we hand over to Stafford Police in Texas, where owners can be traced and items disposed or returned.

In Nigeria, the following authorities are immediately notified with details of the suspect and transaction:

  • Nigerian Police Force (NPF)
  • Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC)

Shoptomydoor is committed to working with online sellers on to curb online fraud and prosecute anyone caught in the act.

Online Fraud Cases We Have Arrested

Bakare Rukayat defrauded a Seller resident in U.S, Miss Dakota Boaden of an Apple Iphone 6s gold 32gb. The seller on becoming aware of the fraud immediately proceeded to write negative review on Shoptomydoor google platform. The stolen item was directed to be shipped to the individual Nigerian address. However, our well-trained team on fraud identification swung into action and suspect handed to the law enforcement agents.

John Okonkwo with fake identity name: Mary Humphrey defrauded a UK Seller, Adam Aspinall of a Samsung mobile phone and cover. Same was delivered to our UK warehouse for onward shipping to his Nigerian address.

Another individual by a fake name Princess Jiang Lei from Ibadan Nigeria defrauded a Seller resident in US named Francisco Corona of a Microsoft pro and keyboard. The same was to be delivered to him in Oyo state, Nigeria. our team on fraud investigated and he was found to have defrauded the seller.

A petition has been filed with the Commissioner of Police requesting for their arrest. As soon as the petition is approved, investigation will commence and all culprit will be arrested and brought to face the full wrath of the law for their criminal infractions.

Victor Chinedu – On the 19th of January 2019 was reported by a seller on eBay who did not receive his payment. He was scammed of a Samusung Head Phone using a fake PayPal payment owned by Victor Chinedu. The item which has been directed to our US warehouse arrived on 21st of January 2019. Further investigations with our team confirmed the item was not paid for using a genuine PayPal account. The Shoptomydoor Nigeria team was immediately informed and an arrest was carried out by the Nigerian Police Force. Victor Chinedu and his brother, who was asked to pick up the shipment were arrested in Lagos.

Ismail Ajibola – On January 10, 2019 was reported to Shoptomydoor by Kate Hall, a seller on eBay. He was said to have fraudulently purchased a Canon Camera using a fake PayPal payment. After tracing the item, it was seen that the item was sent to Shoptomydoor US warehouse address. Immediately Shoptomydoor received the Canon Camera it was returned to the seller, Kate Hall on eBay. The Shoptomydoor Nigeria team were alerted and men of the Nigerian Police Force swung into action to arrest him. He was arrested within hours. Note that our staff are fully trained on fraud detection and investigation to identify fraud packages within minutes of receiving them.

Mr Sean Paul – In December 2013, and represented by Mr Patrick Oni, Sean Paul sent a huge batch of fluke multimeters to our warehouse. Following serious training, our warehouse personnel easily noticed after the items had shipped that they were most likely fraud and set out to effect an arrest of Mr Sean Paul. More research was done, and items were immediately returned to the US seller of the items. An operation was set up to effect the arrest of Mr Sean Paul, and on 6th of January 2014, he was arrested by men of the Lagos state police command. He was charged for credit card fraud, and we worked seriously with the Police to ensure he is fully charged and convicted for fraud. Following his experience after spending days in prison, Mr Patrick Oni will most likely not engage in any form of fraudulent activity through Shoptomydoor.

Mr Wale Ogunsola – On the 19th of July 2010, Mr Wale of Ikeja, Lagos used the names of two defrauded individual residing in North Carolina and Colorado Springs, USA to make purchases on a US based web site, Using the credit cards of these two Americans, purchases were made to the tune of $3000. The items were then directed to be shipped to him through Shoptomydoor. These were easily noted as fraud by our trained shipping team, and our location in Nigeria was immediately alerted. An operation to effect an arrest was put in place in conjunction with the Nigerian Police, and he was arrested within hours, and charged for credit card fraud. Documents were provided to prove the case, and he was charged by the police and made to account for the purchases. He was fully prosecuted to the full extent of the law

Working with the NPF & EFCC, we will provide all information needed to effect arrest of anyone found to have committed internet fraud through our platform. Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, you will be arrested and moved to the force office in Lagos. Click here to read more on Shoptomydoor fraud policy.

Penalties: Online Fraud Is A Crime

Fraudsters will be arrested and duly prosecuted after investigation.

  • Jail term – The Nigerian laws provides that a convicted fraudster shall be liable to a jail term of not more than 7 years. Any one caught in online fraud could also pay a fine not more than N5,000,000.00 or both. The online fraudster will be liable to payment in monetary terms the value of loss sustained by the owner of the credit card.
  • Civil lawsuit – Fraudulent conduct may and often does violate more than one law. As a result, you can be charged for criminal or civil. We are ready to file a law suite for any and all applicable causes of action that can be proven. This lawsuit can also run concurrently with prosecution or criminal lawsuit.

We look forward to giving more tips on how to spot and avoid being a victim of fraud. We’ll ensure credit or debit cards used on our website belong to the customer receiving the goods.

Please don’t be a victim!!!! Those who are caught will be punished by the law.

Never forget that anyone can become a victim of online fraud. Drop a comment if you would like to see more ways to protect yourself from online fraud.

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