Understanding Your Shipping Cost

Calculating Shipping Cost

Calculating Shipping Cost

Typically, those who are not directly involved in shipping always have a tough time calculating and understanding how shipping cost is arrived at; no doubt it can be quite difficult to comprehend.

Now, you just bought a top quality camp bed to use at the beach or work area when you need to rest while working over night at the office or even a laptop, and so you think shipping items with such little weights from USA to your door shouldn’t cost you much.

After all it’s so light and weighs nothing. “It’s only going to cost me few dollars, right? Yea, we also wish it was so cheap irrespective of the weight but it isn’t, shipping a tiny box weighing 8lb can cost you less compared to a big rectangular box that is just 4lb, and we are going to explain why it is so.

Typically there are two ways to generate shipping cost by all standards, and this is accepted worldwide. First is the actual weight and the second is the dimensional weight, customers are billed on the higher of the two measurements. So if you have an item that weighs close to nothing but big enough to fill the a lot of space, you will be billed using the dimensional weight.

Yes, you are charged whichever is greater. A simpler way to illustrate this is to imagine you are renting a building, the bigger the house the bigger you pay, if you were renting space in an aircraft you are charged more if you occupy more space. For all airlines and shipping companies, your shipping cost for air is determined by looking at the weight and dimensions of your package, then comparing the actual weight versus the dimensional weight to determine which is bigger.

Actual Weight is simply the weight in kilogram/pound of a package as measured on a scale.

Dimensional weight is based on the size of a package:  Length x Width x Height, divided by 139 = Dimensional Weight

With shoptomydoor, you can actually know your shipping cost before buying an item, simply check the dimensions (LxWxH) and weight of your item then use our shipping calculator to get cost, if you are not sure call (+1 888 315 9027) or email (contact@shoptomydoor.com) and we will assist you.

It’s always best to plan your shopping, so when next you want to make a purchase online know how much it will also cost you to ship that item.


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