Tips On Stress Free Shopping


Today’s businesses are distributed all over the web, from a stand-alone E-commerce store to the leading marketplaces, talking of the likes of Amazon, Walmart and others in USA. Shopping online simplifies the tedious part after an order is placed and saves you time, energy and money.

If you are just buying online for the first time especially from a company you barely know but you feel the need to use them because you have heard so much about  them, you place your order with so much expectations that you forget to do the right thing.

The more packages you send, the easier it becomes and with time you get very relaxed because you have a reliable company that delivers exactly what you want and when you want it.

Here are Some Tips to Easy Shopping.

  • Give a Definite Address: Some of the challenges shipping companies face is customer being indefinite with their addresses and this makes it difficult for dispatchers to locate such places, delivering then stays longer than expected with the company.
  • Give Correct Phone Numbers and Relevant Details: Most customers for one reason or the other give wrong phone numbers or numbers they don’t use regularly. A customer’s item arrives and you try to reach him or her and the number is either switched off or not reachable. Why make things difficult, save yourself the fear of not getting your item by providing the right details.
  • Monitor Your Items: With a good shopping platform you can track your goods on the go and that is why Shoptomydoor has developed a platform that guarantees your peace of mind. So, from the moment your item gets to our warehouse to the point of delivery you are constantly updated via SMS and email notification; and of course you can track anytime on the website.

To make our services better, faster and easier for you for you, pay attention to this details, ask questions, make comments and suggestions where you you feel we can improve on.

Want to be a smart shopper? Visit  today and let’s get started.


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