The Story Behind Shoptomydoor and How I Learnt From My Pain

The Story Behind Shoptomydoor and How I Learnt From My Pain

So, way back in 2007  was an unforgettable experience. The story behind Shoptomydoor and how i learnt from my pain is a long one. However, i will make it short.

Way back in 2007 l shipped a car to Nigeria that never delivered. I lost over $15,000. It was so painful, and as that time that was my only life savings. Today, i am writing this story to inspire you and also share my journey with you. It has been tough, but steady and still looking for ways to improve and serve you better.

Now, let me go back to my story. I tried to recover my loses, unfortunately it was a bitter law suite again. I paid lawyers over $5,000 but l was refunded a meager $100 by the shipping company (name withheld), leaving me to a loss over $20,000.

The Story Behind Shoptomydoor and My Touch Point

A nasty experience for a young hustling Nigerian who just sold all he had to move to USA to make a better living here. However, that was my starting point.

To supplement my income, l continued using other companies to ship. Unfortunately, none of them provided a service that was free of delays and damages to packages, not to talk of missing items.

I had more losses on a continuous basis and it was painful. Now that was my touch point, I had the worst experiences you can imagine, but then, realizing that thousands of Nigerians are suffering same fate, l made up my mind to set up a company that will provide reliable, trust worthy and affordable shipping services.

I worked days and nights. All I wanted was to change the game, not play the game…  you can visit the site here to register free.

Today, Shoptomydoor has metamorphosed in a relaible shipping company. Probably the only on that offers a 100% return/refund if anything happens to your package.

Starting in 2009 we were only sending small packages like shoes, clothes, phones, laptops, teddy bears and other, but as of today we ship in huge volumes, bigger items like 85 inches Televisions, Cars, Fridges, Generators, Power supply equipment, tree cutters, tractors, trucks and lots more.

The Story Behind Shoptomydoor and How I Learnt From My Pain

Did We Have Setbacks?

Yes, we have had our setback, a lot of them but we always looked for ways to make it better. A lot of business owners rely on our efficiency and we can not afford to fail. Today, we ship 4 to 7 containers weekly. Over 150,000 customers across Nigeria enjoy stress-free shipping and peace of mind. Items get delivered by air in 3 to 5 days and everyone’s now happy.

This is my journey and I am proud that you all chose Shoptomydoor. Thank you for sticking with us.

I hope the story and how i learnt from my pain inspires you today in your business.

Shoptomydoor is defined and built to serve individuals and businesses in Nigeria, you can sign up on right now here for free.

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  1. One of the best services Out there. The only improvement needed is the IT backend to make the site more user-friendly and it will be my choice of service for any shipping needs

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