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Eid Mubarak! It’s almost here, the season of celebration for all Muslims around the world, as we draw close to the end of Ramadan, we will like to show you some amazingly unforgettable gifts to share with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and family. It’s going to be a time of feasts, fun, presents, parties and you always want to be in their hearts, don’t you?

So, make it memorable with these inspiring gifts for everyone. Use our DHLExpress delivery and you will receive your goods in 4 days.

Check these out:

  1. Gold Sculptures


The Islamic Gift 3 Piece Set Gold Sculpture is an excellent hand crafted wood with name of Allah and the noble Prophet Muhammad that can be hung on the wall hanging or shelf mount with free brown decorative stand and a super elegant oval design. Carving on the wood is marvelous.



2. Throw Pillow Cover Wallpapers 

Throw Pillow


The Eid Mubarak throw pillow comes in various sizes and designs. It is made of 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton. Its heavy weight stretch material provides great color definition for your designs, text, monogram, and photos. It will make life more colorful.



3. Hand Crafted Wall Art 12″ Diameter

Islamic Wall Art Bismillah in the Name of God (Allah) on Hand Crafted Wood


Excellent hand crafted wooden Bismillah wall hanging or shelf mount with Free Brown Decorative Stand Superb and elegant oval design. Carving on the wood is marvelous.

Elegant wall hanging Islamic item with attention to detail on circular wood carvings.




4. New Personalized Candle



Hand designed by a professional henna artist is this large black henna candle.
Standing at 7 inches tall it has ‘EID MUBARAK’  written in Arabic by hand at the front in gold with it’s English transaltion underneath it.
It comes with a golden floral pattern in gold all around the top and a hanging pattern around the sides, with a contrasting red and orange highlights in between. The candle is accented with Crystal Rhinestones in vibrant Red and orange in round and tear drop shapes.


5. Intricate Gold Flower Bud Asma Husna Clear Crystal Molded Desk Home Ornament

Intricate Gold Flower Bud Asma Husna Clear Crystal Molded Desk Home Ornament - Islamic Gift Art

Detailed gold and black flower bud shaped ornament molded from a durable metal and polyester alloy. Beautifully adorned with clear crystal rhinestones, it has 99names of Allah inscribed throughout. This beautiful piece can be used as wedding gift, baby shower gift, parties, weeding favor or simply home decor.




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Shoptomydoor wishes you Happy Eid Mubarak in advance.

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