Protect Your Business from Online Fraud

Protect Your Business from Online Fraud

Protect Your Business from Online Fraud

Fraud is having a moment these days and it’s important to find ways to protect your business from online fraud. It seems lots of people are happy to rid themselves of those pesky ethics in exchange for money or some other badge of success. We all want to be able to trust the people and companies with whom we do business.

However, recent happenings clearly demonstrate that some people aren’t trustworthy. And sometimes, the facts are far from what they’ve been represented to be. That’s why it’s so important to learn the art of fact-checking and at Shoptomydoor, we will always do our due diligence to protect online buyers and sellers as much as we can from online scam/fraud.

How to Protect Your Business from Online Fraud

  • Fact Checking: Think of sources and methods you can use to verify that product information. Check the product/seller reviews and ratings.
  • Ask More or Better Questions: The adage, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” applies to so many aspects of life and business. If a potential venture partner or supplier is promising something that makes you think “Wow,” consider that your cue to do more digging. Inquire about the process in more detail.
  • Create Checks and Balances: Fraud doesn’t only originate from external sources. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your in-house systems as well. At shoptomydoor we have a policy that protects online sellers and shoppers from internet fraud.
  • Trust Comes from Verifying: In other words, you will extend trust once it’s been earned. In the meantime, check every reference. Examine every document. Do your due diligence, whether it’s for a business partnership or a new staff hire.
  • False Invoicing: Business owners must have basic oversight over every vendor in her business because false invoicing is an increasingly popular fraud method. It often strikes when an employee creates false suppliers or when he pays a legitimate supplier and diverts the cash into an alternative account.


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