How To Spend Less Money Shopping

How to Spend Less Money Shopping

How To Spend Less Money Shopping

This post isn’t intended to judge or criticize you for spending your money, but to help you shop wisely. Many times we see an advert pop and buy an item whether we need it or not. We sometimes forget that little drops make a mighty ocean.

Purposeful shopping is the best way to shop the things you love and of course with you jumping on every possible discount, you’ll be saving a lot more money that you can imagine. I’m not suggesting that you never buy anything again, but that your spending should become a planned act, purchasing the goods and services you need, not spur-of-the-moment, impulsive spending.

Tips to Spend Less Money Shopping

  1. Make a List of What You Want: The last thing you want to do is walk around the mall picking every item you see. That way you end up spending more money than planned.
  2. Have a Different Payment Card: So , you know when and how you get paid your month salary if you are an income earner. With just one debit card you will end up spending much more on impulse than planned. Always have that separate bank account with a card that you transfer your shopping funds to.
  3. Shop Online: You will probably spend more than your budget when you go to a mall or shop. You will be more cautious than impulsive when you shop online. If you are really serious about saving money, go for products with coupons. These websites can help you find great deals:
  4. Be Flexible With Your Brand Choice: You can switch brands if you find your favorites too expensive. As long as they provide same quality feel free to swap on good deals. Staying loyal to a specific brand might cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re willing to go with what’s on sale or the store’s brand, you’re likely to keep more of your money in your wallet.
  5. Find and Buy the Cheapest Deals: Everyday over 80 USA online stores offer up to 40% discount on millions of products; and even much more up to 80% on special days like Black-Friday, Cyber-Monday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day and many more
  6. Free/Zero Sales Tax: Shopping and sending to your Houston address attracts an 8.25% sales tax, while you enjoy zero tax and save that money on products when you send items to your Atlanta address. Get your free Atlanta address here to shop from USA online stores.

Using Atlanta Address to Spend Less Money Shopping

Spend Less Money Shopping With Zero Sales Tax in Atlanta

Save 8.25% on Tax Using Atlanta Address

Now, if you are already registered on, then you must have noticed that you have two (2) USA addresses, one (1) in Houston and the other in Atlanta.

  1. For those who already signed up and have been shopping. Simply go to your favorite online store: Amazon, eBay, Zappos etc and change the address from Houston to Atlanta.
  2. For those who are yet to register, go to and register to get your Atlanta and Houston address free. Register on any USA online store using your Atlanta warehouse to shop.

Spend Less Money Shopping

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