Here’s the Real Deal on Getting Your 80% Discount From Shoptomydoor

It’s a new year and we have decided to start it with a special giveaway on all items that have been kept for over 60 days in our US warehouse. Usually, we give you 21 days free storage so you can shop from one or multiple online stores. But sometimes we have a really full warehouse (even though it’s a 23,000 sq ft warehouse), and the need comes to create space for new shipments.
The US has masive discount sale all year round. And with the January Clearance Sale usually up to 80%, shoppers from different countries have already began filling their shops, homes and offices with products.
So, if you have items stored for 60 days and above you can ship out with 80% off the accumulated storage charge that applies after your 21 days free storage expires. We hope you enjoy shopping and shipping with us.
  • This offer only applies to shipments that have been in our US warehouse for 60 days and above.
  • It ends 20th of January, 2017.
Trust us, you can’t get enough from stores like, and lots more.
Check these out:
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