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The internet has continued to change the way we shop products. From your home you can place orders any USA or UK online store and receive them in your home.

So, this blog will show you five reasons you need a personal shopper. Actually, a personal shopper makes it incredibly easier to shop more without stress.

It is like having someone run your errands while you relax, focus on your other needs or concentrate on your business, work and family.

Imagine it’s almost time for your wedding and you are trying to get an original pair of Christian Louboutin shoe, an exquisite wedding dress, luscious hair and T.M Lewis designer suite, only to check on some USA online stores but they either do not ship to Nigeria or don’t accept your Nigeria bank cards.

Unfortunately, you are left to check local stores, but keep seeing the fake, yet you have a thousand and one things to attend to.

At some point you get really frustrated and simply buy a counterfeit or look-alike designer, which could be a disaster on your wedding day. Picture your fake five (5) inches Christian Louboutin heels breaking off or your man’s suit tearing up as he gets groovy on the dance floor. Embarrassing right?

Why not use a Personal Shopper that is skilled or trained to shop no matter the online store or country, especially online stores you can trust with quality designers and products in USA and UK.

You probably would not understand the level of comfort a personal shopper could give you until you try one out.

Benefits of Using Shoptomydoor Personal Shopper

Shoptomydoor Personal Shopper team can help you buy anything you need, from beauty products, clothes, shoes, electronics, baby/maternity, original car parts, various brands of quality cars such as Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover etc

  • We don’t see your demands as any trouble, unlike when you have to bother your friends and family.
  • No limitations, friends and family cant buy you a car, big machines or bulky items. There is a limit they can help you with, adding to their luggage means extra charges from the airlines.
  • Our personal shopper is quite a simple process. It takes you just 15 minutes to place an order.
  • We take of the stress off you, by searching and selecting products you need from various online stores/manufacturers.
  • We make payment on your behalf for stores that do not accept Nigerian bank cards.
  • Personal Shoppers will handle your shopping need, while you focus on other important things.
  • Pay less to ship with our discounted shipping rates from USA and UK.
  • So while you have air shipping for products you want or need urgently, there is ocean shipping for bulky items.
  • Shipping from USA is 70% cheaper with Shoptomydoor and 80% cheaper using ocean shipping for big or bulky items.

Products Our Personal Shopper Team Have Bought for Customers

Shoptomydoor Personal shopper team can buy you the impossible or hard to find.  Our negotiation, bidding and purchase skills especially for auction sites can get you quality cars from USA.

Men, Women and Children Fashion – Our personal shopper team will cater for all your needs. You can be rest assured of getting original designers for clothes, shoes, baby clothes, and lots more from Versace, Gucci, Vera Wang, Nike, Fendi, Kenneth Cole, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and lots more.

Designer Wristwatches – For those who consider time a luxury we help you search and buy an array of horological gems. Products Nigerians love to buy include Cartier, Fossil, Hublot, F.P Journe, Michael Kors, Rolex, Piaget, Tag Heuer, Franck Muller, Invicta, Tissot, Perrelet, Graham, Movado, Baume & Mercier.

Accessories, Sunglasses and Handbags – High-class accessories like Armour, Bella Pearl, Bvlgari, Swarovski, Burberry, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Mont Blanc, Tom Ford, Morgan & Paige.

Back-to-School & Office needs – School bags, laptops, computers, hard disk, office gift/souvenir stationeries needed at your office, printers, photocopying machines, paper, ink and lots more

Food & Supermarket Supplies – Our personal shopper team will source deals that are original yet affordable to grow your profit and business.

More Reasons Customers Love Shoptomydoor Personal Shopper Service

  1. Saves Time  You can place your order in 15 minutes via phone.
  2. Free Storage You have 10 days free storage in our US, UK and Nigeria warehouse.
  3. Quick Ship Out You receive items in 5 to 7 days. We ship out Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  4. No More Card Decline – You have nothing to worry about any online store not accepting your bank card.
  5. Consolidate & Reduce Shipping Cost – You shop from one or more online stores and ship as one to Nigeria.

Shoptomydoor Personal Shopper team are trained to find any item that is:

  • Vintage or modern
  • Luxury or scarce
  • Newly launched or not yet in the market
Looking for any hard to find product? Drop a comment and we will help your buy for it.

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  1. John says:

    How to start mini importation from usa

  2. Zulka says:

    What about shipping products to Ghana? How possible is that with your services?

    • For now we are not shipping from USA to Ghana. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the previous logistics partner there, which led to putting shipping to Ghana on hold. Once we reopen in Ghana we will update via social media, blog and newsletters.

  3. Lynda says:

    Pls how I want to know how to ship things from USA to Nigeria


    Do you help to buy from China and ship to Nigeria

  5. Deborah says:

    Please I need contact of personal shopper, very urgent

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