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Shopping US online stores means getting great products, but shipping multiple packages direct from the sellers/merchant can be very costly. Instead, ship your goods with Shoptomydoor and have it all packaged into a single box to save you up to 80% off shipping cost. Not registered? Open and account now.


Shoptomydoor provides you an assigned warehouse for life and it’s FREE, so you enjoy 21 days free storage, now that enables you to shop from one or multiple stores, wait until all packages arrive, then ship them together as one to save the money you would have spent on shipping each item you buy from one or several stores.

Our goal is to give you the lowest global shipping rates possible, so we consolidate your purchases FREE and deliver stress-free to your door.

Here’s a real  life story to show you how this works: Linda lives in Africa, she has always longed to shop those amazing products with huge discounts from deals and promos she receives from newsletters, so during Easter Sale she placed her orders on three online stores in USA to buy 7 different items.

CONSOLIDATIONHer first option was to ship each item direct from the store, but unfortunately one of the stores had charged her about $110.87 to ship one of the items. Really expensive right? Well, that ofcourse does not include home delivery and so she would also have to go clear and pick up herself.

When Jane contacted us, we gave her this option: to ship through our platform and have all items delivered same time as one package. All she had to pay was $80.28. You can imagine how excited she was to discover Shoptomydoor.

The other option could have been to ship each items with our discounted rate but she chose the cheapest – Consolidation.

Do you have an experience like Linda? Please share in your comments, we’ll like to know how much we help you save shipping your goods to your door stress-free.

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