DHL Partners With Shoptomydoor

It’s another half of the year and we have made a lot of changes based on your surveys and feedback. Recently, you our dear customers will recall that we moved from an old website to a new one.

In a bid to give you are a user friendly interface and easier experience. Unfortunately, this came with a lot of hitches and we have been working round the clock to ensure to put things right.

On behalf of all of us here at Shoptomydoor, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition to our new website.

Now here is the good news! The delays are over! There are new exciting changes for you all:

Partnership with DHL For Faster Shipping from USA to Nigeria

DHL Partners With Shoptomydoor

One of the biggest issues we encountered were disappoints from logistics partners who promised to deliver in three (3) to four (4) business days. Sadly this affected our promise to you and we do apologize for all you may have experienced. Going forward, we decided to seek collaboration with a more reliable partner to stop the unplanned delays and ensure a consistent smooth delivery.

To this end Shoptomydoor has signed a new deal with DHL for faster delivery and at a discounted rate compared to if DHL would ship for you.

  • Now signed up with DHL express to deliver all our shipments to Nigeria. This partnership will ensure a 2 to 4 days delivery to Lagos airport for all your shipments.
  • The reliability of DHL Express comes with a slightly increased cost, and as such you will see a 10% increase in shipping cost. A 10% charge of items value will also apply to cover for duty payments.
  • Clearing will be handled by Shoptomydoor, so you are rest assured of the best rates with the speed of DHL. An overall great value for your money.
  • The new rate takes effect from today 9th of July 2019. This information was sent out in our newsletters last week so existing shipment could pay up to ship out.

Shoptomydoor Free Storage Extended to 14 Days

DHL Partner Shoptomydoor to Move Shipments to Nigeria

Another we noticed from our recent survey was that many of you were unhappy about the free storage period. To this end, we have:

  • Increased your free storage period from 10 to 14 days. This will allow you to consolidate longer and enjoy our Combine and Save feature even more. Starting today you have 14 days free storage to shop from only one store or more online stores while you receive all your packages at once.
  • Our combine and save feature has now been enhanced to ensure that whether items are in Nigeria or have been quick shipped to Nigeria, you still benefit from our Combine and Save. A feature that is offered only by Shoptomydoor.
  • Our quick ship-out is designed to move items within 24 hours to the airport for onward shipping to Nigeria. Making your goods move much faster, with this feature you also enjoy pay on delivery as items that are less than 10 pounds arrive Nigeria.

Easier Ways to Track/Check Your Shipment

Shoptomydoor Tracking

We couldn’t help but look for a much easier means of checking or tracking your expected shipment. Since a lot of talked of how hard the system was, we made it very simple on the website:

  • Redesigning ‘Has My Item Arrived’ feature to allow you to search using your unit number. Now, instead of remembering multiple tracking numbers from online store, all you need is your unit number to check shipment status. This solves a lot of your time, especially for our business customers who shop in bulk to resell in Nigeria. Your time is money, so we are cutting of the stress.
  • The new status will show you store of purchase, tracking number and an accurate description of your item.

Improved UK Shipping to Nigeria

We know you want the UK shipping as good as our US shipping services. Trust me when I say we are working on operating at par. So, poor updates and delayed delivery which had characterized our shipment from UK will be no more. From now on, you will:

  • Enjoy all shipping benefits from UK. Hence combine and save options, faster updates and many more.
  • Ocean shipping from UK is still been finalized and should kick off before end of the 3rd quarter.

Our New Pick-Up Office and Procurement Office

We are expanding our locations so we can get closer to you. In addition to our offices at Isolo and VGC, we have opened a new location at Ikeja. This office doubles as a procurement office and pick-up. You can now walk in to place orders with our team or call 0700 800 8000 to place your orders with them/

For those of you living around Ikeja, you can use this location as your pick up address and save the stress of driving to Isolo. Our new location is there to serve you. Simply log in to your account to change your receiving address on our platform now.

Revamped Customer Service

From our recent survey, a lot of you complained of issues with the performance of our Customer Service team. We listened to your feedback and have so far:

  • Revamped the whole team with the employment of 10 new well experienced support agents to speed up our responses. The new team is headed by a well experienced support staff from the banking sector. Bringing in over 10 years of support experience to Shoptomydoor.
  • We have expanded the phone networks to ensure the best quality service to you, ensuring a reduction in dropped calls or engaged tone many complained of experiencing in the past.
  • These changes are still been implemented but you will begin to see a much better service delivery in the next few days. Your feedback was valuable in making these changes and we look forward to more feedback from you on these and other changes been made to even provide a far better service.

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