Cargo Theft and Loss – Shoptomydoor Offers Free Insurance

Cargo Theft and Loss – Shoptomydoor Offers Free Insurance

Avoid Cargo Theft and Loss With Shoptomydoor

Many have suffered fatal financial blows because they ignore the warnings.  Cargo theft and loss is a very important topic and if you are already in business or about to start one, you must know about it.

No need suffering financial damage resulting from cargo theft and loss when Shoptomydoor offers free insurance. You definitely need a new shipper with insurance/refund policy.

Do you remember the recent loss experienced by Grimaldi, an Italy based contains shipping line on the Grand America vessel, which sank off the coast of France after a fire outbreak?

That ship had lots of goods going to Morocco through Germany when the weather deck caught fire. Sadly, the fire spread to other boxes and eventually led to the ship listing heavily and finally sinking on March 12.

So many have suffered this and a lot more might, simply because accidents happen.

Did I here you say God forbid? Oh well, that’s what we all pray should never happen, but no one knows who or when and how it might come. That is why at we do not take chances. So, while we pray and have faith, we plan, strategize and partner with an insurance company that provides you the support you need in times like this.

Giving you 100% full insurance on your goods. We love to treat all our customers’ business as ours, so whatever hurts you hurts us too and that is why we ensure your goods are safely shipped and insured to get you right back on track, if anything happens to your personal or business goods.

As a business owner you can’t afford going with shippers that give you nothing compared to the millions you have in a box or container when any kind of disaster happens.

Cargo Theft and Loss Happens Anywhere

Cargo theft and loss can occur anywhere. There are other reasons we have partnered with Consolidated Hallmark to insure your goods. Our insurance comes free for you, but we pay you based on what values you declare when you are shipping with us.

That’s one more reason it is important you provide the accurate cost or value of your item or simply provide on your product/item invoice.

Cargo theft can occur anywhere along the supply chain, it’s a plight affecting cross border logistics, transporters, storage, groupage operators, LCL consolidators, ports, depots, terminals, carriers and freight forwarders equally. According to a recent research, companies lose more than an estimated $76 million in UK alone due to cargo theft.

Highlighting the seriousness of this issue, our legal team and the insurance company ensure your business does not suffer from these precarious incidents.

Never Experienced Cargo Theft and Loss?

Do I need to insure my goods? Why do I need your company just because of free insurance?

These are question that have been asked by one too many. The answer is simple, because you are an importer, whether you are small or big in business. If that is not a good enough reason, keep reading.

Insurance reduces your exposure to financial loss. Yet, so many people, and even shippers choose to risk importing and exporting goods without getting insurance.

Unfortunately, many have suffered great loss for taking such risk. Simply because there are shippers that are less the price of a major shipper who offers it doesn’t make it a great saving, in the end the cost when an unexpected event occurs is far worse.

More Reasons You Need Shoptomydoor With Free Insurance

Listed here are some other reasons you should use a shipper with an insurance or refund policy:

  • Catastrophic Losses/Natural Disaster: In just one unfortunate event, an entire shipload or container can be lost due to explosion, storm, shipwreck and pirate attacks. This is referred to as a catastrophic loss. The World Shipping Council defines a catastrophic loss “as a loss overboard of 50 or more containers in a single incident.” Almost every year catastrophic losses happen that affect many. Those affected without insurance, deeply regret their decision not to get insured.
  • Cargo Damage: This is even more frequent. It is regarded as one with the highest occurrence in UK. About 25% of the damage is physical, 14% temperature related, 11% containers lost overboard, 9% theft and 8% shortage. Damage happens all too often, probably because there are so many different opportunities for damages to occur while goods are in transit from one country to another, such as:
    • Poor condition of container
    • Wrong container choice
    • Stack weight exceeded
    • Organized crime
    • Contaminated floors
    • Changes in temperature
    • Poor distribution of cargo weight
    • Overloading
    • Heavy items stowed on light
    • Damaged, worn or mixed securing equipment

Unfortunately, insurance sometimes gets overlooked, and you are left to handle your loss. There are so many other things that could lead to cargo damage… but we’ll stop with these. It’s a blog not a book.

Shoptomydoor Refund Policy

Enjoy 100% Refund in 24 Hours

Whether you are importing or exporting, shipping is a long journey, and it’s prone to accidents. In line with our core values to ensure customers experience stress-free shipping from online stores in USA and UK. We offer you 100% refund in 24 hours. To ensure total comfort and satisfaction:

  • We guarantee 100% refund in 24 hours if anything happens to your items.
  • We will refund you 20% of your shipping cost if delivery of your items by air or ocean is not made within the time stipulated on our site.

To claim any refund, all provisions of Shoptomydoor Terms and Conditions applies and must be duly met. Please, visit Shoptomydoor to see requirements to get your 100% Refund in 24 hours to claim a refund.

Anyone who has moved shipments from USA. UK, China, Germany or any other country knows that risks are not uncommon, such as containers falling overboard. Containers are also released into the ocean to save the ship during a storm.

Approximately 130 million freight containers were transported by the international shipping liner industry last year, with an estimated value of over $12 trillion according to the World Shipping Council.

Wouldn’t you rather use and enjoy peace of mind? Shop from Amazon and many more, you have zero worries. Our free insurance allows you get a full refund of the amount used in purchasing your products as well as the cost of shipping for damaged, broken or missing items.

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