Awesome Christmas Gifts That Will Make Your Co-Workers Love You Forever

It’s Christmas again, the season to love and be loved way more than other times of the year. We hope you will appreciate all that we recommend and take out time to wow your colleagues. Let’s look at it from this angle, you spend up to 9 hours or more everyday with these people, isn’t it just perfect to surprise them this Christmas?

Scalp Massager

scalp m - Copy

Raise your hand if you agree that a scalp massage is one of the best things about getting your hair done at the salon. All of our worries seem to fade away once our stylist or their assistant rubs our scalp with their fingertips in gentle, circular motions. In fact, we get so comfortable that there have been times we fall asleep.

The scalp massager is a perfect gift to give out, it serves as a scratcher and massager, giving you a therapeutic scalp massage effortlessly. Feel reinvigorated while increasing blood flow and it’s perfect as a travel massager for relief on-the-go.

Widget Spinners


Camouflage hand spinners are good as stress and anxiety reducers. It is also a good choice for killing time, having fun and to keep focus, especially during those stressful days.

Keyboard Cover

This comes with a top and a bottom cover too. Keyboard covers are gorgeous and feel nice and silky!

keyboard cover                       cover case

Now, this kind of gift will get an amazing response from any one you give, it is very attractive and unique. The case fits the apple mac book air perfectly. The keyboard covers fits too, but we mainly got this product because of the cover. This product is incredible and comes just as described. It makes your computer look beautiful. The finish is a soft, smooth rubber that makes the case seems much more high-end and expensive than it really is.


Car Key Tracker

Always losing things? TrackR is here to help! So small and lightweight, you can attach it to anything. Use the TrackR app to ring your device, plus it comes with flashing LED lights to help you find it fast. You are probably thinking, “is this too extra”? To which I will reply, absolutely not. Besides, who wouldn’t love to be able to find a lost item any time?

Portable Shoe Bags

Portable Shoe Bag

For your colleague who never fails to come to the office with multiple or an extra pair of shoes to stow under the desk. This will make a perfect gift this Christmas. It’s great for organizing shoes and helps to keep them away from moisture, dust and bacteria. And of course, it works great for travelling.


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