Amazon Prime Sale: A Small Price To Pay For Great Savings

Amazon Prime Day Sale Via Shoptomydoor

What is Amazon Prime-Day?

Prime Day, which Amazon first launched last year is a 24-hour Black Friday-like sales event where prices are slashed on hundreds of thousands of products.  But here’s the hitch, you have to be on Amazon prime to benefit from these deals.

Amazon has got just one too many offers for regular online shoppers and its prime day sale is an open door to a place where you’ll find all the good things that are not easily found in your local store. Most of the things you left sitting in your shopping cart the last time you were in that place because the prices were way above your budget.

There is no better time to shop on Amazon than July 12. You save greatly on every item you buy, with no shipping fees and fast delivery.

Amazon Prime Day Sale is literally the greatest thing that’s happened recently and it’s the second annual sale this year. You won’t be wrong to compare it with Black Friday sale; it’s just as big and as good, with huge and incredible discounts on thousands of fashion items, electronics, home appliances and much more.

What’s more?

  • As a Prime Member, you enjoy free 2-day shipping when you buy an item or more to send to your assigned USA warehouse address.
  • If it’s your first time you also get a free 30-day trial, but bet you won’t stop afterwards because the benefits are so rewarding for just $10.99.
  • Exclusive offers, discount and special coupons for members only.
  • Kindle lending library for some countries and more


Prime Now

If same-day delivery isn’t fast enough for you, then Amazon has got you covered with access to the prime now app, which provides free two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items and one-hour delivery option, if you want to pay a flat fee of $7.99. This is currently available in Houston. So you can shop and have it sent immediately to your assigned warehouse address.

To enjoy this exceptionall offer register on to get your FREE warehouse address in USA, and start shopping immediately.

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